MADRE x The Mahjong Line


We designed our collection of card and cocktail tables to enhance your mahjong experience, and who better to partner with than our favorite creatives, the owners of The Mahjong Line, Annie and Kate!

We love supporting other creative women owned business. Their use of color and unique designs compliments our aesthetic and brings out the best of our custom furniture.

For us, this collaboration felt written in our (signature) MADRE stars. Like so many others, when we started playing mahjong, we instantly fell in love with the tiles from The Mahjong Line. The colors, the art, and the styling were meticulously selected to bring an energy and exuberance that elevates the experience. Style, function, and a whole lot of color-- an instant kinship was formed!

We created 4 Card Tables available in: burl, vinyl grasscloth, lacquer (in 12 signature colors) and cerused oak.


MADRE helped bring to life the Mahjong’s line vision of cocktail tables that fit all of their tile personalities. 

We have the Cheeky Zig Zag. It is fun and quirky, always making it’s presence known.

Meet THE MINIMAL Puzzle Cocktail Table, architectural and clever. Doing double duty.

Finally, THE BOTANICAL:  Lovely and delightful.



They are the ultimate example of beauty meeting function. They are perfect to position next to our custom card tables and then use in your beautiful rooms when not gaming! Enjoy the array of colors, unique shapes, and versatility. 
Together, we are on a mission to maximize your gaming moments all while letting you express yourself in style.