This original watercolor by Heather Novogratz Vranich is the perfect balance of soft and sophisticated. The neutral palette allows it to transition from a nursery to an older kid's space seamlessly. 

This peice was inspired by the collection of Nesting Dolls on the artists shelves in her childhood bedroom. She always admired the artists that painted these beauties. Originally, the biggest doll represents a strong matriarch who is the main symbol of the family. In itself, the doll fits inside little dolls which represent daughters and sons. For this reason, Matryoshka represents fertility and motherhood. Not only do nesting dolls remind her of her younger days, but they also remind her of her Grammy. She was a strong Austrian woman who also wore a similar head scarf as many nesting dolls do and her family carries on the tradition. You can often find members of her family wearing babushkas, aka dinner napkins, late night at special events in honor of her and her beautiful sisters.

Watercolor on paper.

Dimensions:  22.5" x 30"